[2019 AR] Additional Opportunities in Our Statute - Page 2

Our Statute
2019 Report

Additional Opportunities in Our Statute

A list of statute opportunities includes

  • check_box Incur debts, liabilities, and obligations
  • check_box Enter into contracts and agreements
  • check_box Acquire, lease, hold, dispose of and encumber real property
  • check_box Establish rates, tolls, fees, charges, penalties, Cherry Creek State Park fees, taxes on property, bonds
  • check_box Develop and implement plans for water quality controls for the reservoir and watershed to achieve and maintain water quality standards
  • check_box Acquire, construct, lease, rent, improve, equip, relocate, maintain, and operate water quality control, nonpoint source, and drainage facilities
  • check_box Conduct studies concerning the development of water quality solutions
  • check_box Develop and implement programs to provide credits, incentives, and rewards for water quality projects
  • check_box Recommend erosion controls and urban runoff control standards
  • check_box Conduct educational programs
  • check_box Recommend septic system maintenance programs