[2020 AR] How we implement public education

2020 Science Fair Winner
2020 Report

How we implement public education

CCBWQA is responsible for developing and implementing a public information and education program, which it fulfills by partially funding and utilizing the service of the Cherry Creek Stewardship Partners (Partners).

In addition to providing tours and events that remind watershed residents of their ability to reduce pollution from sources that could be mobilized during storm events, the Partners promote awareness of the value and function of the many pollution abatement projects that have been constructed in the Cherry Creek Basin with funding from the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority and their valuable partners: Mile High Flood District, Arapahoe and Douglas County Open Space Programs, the Cities and Towns of Aurora, Castle Rock, Centennial, Denver, Lone Tree, Parker, Parker Jordan Metropolitan District, Colorado State Parks and Great Outdoors Colorado.

Picture (left): The Regional Science Fair was held and Deena Safiulla, and 8th Grader at Challenge Middle School, received CCBWQA’s award for her project, The Mightiest Creature of All. Ms. Safiulla’s project and experiment focused on learning more about the effects of cyanobacteria on cyclops copepods.

More information about the Partners' educational activities can be found in the links below.

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